Helpful Information

Agency - RJ Management


Artist – Actors & Models are called artists. 

Booker – RJ Management will handle bookings for our actors & models. RJ Management is the Booker.

Client – The client will be our point of contact i.e. a casting director, photographer, director.

Ultimate Client - The client will be our point of contact i.e. a casting director, photographer, director. The ultimate client will be their client (known as the Brand). The ultimate client will hire the client to create the campaign for them.


Submission - The agency then sends suitable artists details ( Headshots, CVs, Profiles) to the client. This is known as a submission.

Casting - Also known as an audition. Castings generally take 5-15 minutes.

Self Tape –Sometimes client ask the artist to self tape. This will be an audition the artist films on their phone or I pad. Please make sure you film in a quiet space, with good light. Files should be sent back to the agency by the deadline. Files should be sent via We Transfer. We Transfer is                   a free app, ideal for larger files. 


Pencilled - When an artist is shortlisted for a job and we are waiting for the final decision. Whilst on pencil,  an artist is prevented from being booked with another client until a decision is made.

Recall - This is a ‘2nd audition’ 

Fitting/Wardrobe – Models can be booked to try clothing on, allowing the stylist to confirm correct sizing’s and to make any final adjustments . 

An actor  attends wardrobe to try on outfits, so a decision can be made on clothing to be worn for the job.

Confirmed - When an artist is definitely booked for a job. 

Call time - The time an artist is  to arrive at a job.

Basic Shoot Fee (BSF) - The daily fee paid to an artist for working and usually referred to with commercial work.

Buyout/Usage Fees - Paid for the rights to use footage, or images of an artist. 

Back Up Artist - When an artist is booked as a backup to the clients first choice. The back up artist will usually receive the usual day rate, but may     not be used. Only the artist who feature in the campaign will receive any buyout/usage offered.