How to apply?

To apply to please email

The application should include: name, age, location & a clear photograph. 

What happens next?

We aim to reply to successful applicants within 10 days. 

If your child is offered a contract with RJ Management, you will receive a welcome pack, containing general information, a contract and contact form. 

Will my child need a professional photograph?

For children 4 Years and over, a minimum of one professional headshot is required. Additional photographs are optional. 

Useful information to consider before applying. 

The majority of castings & work takes place in London or Manchester. You must be prepared to travel for castings & work. 

The majority of castings take place during the day for babies & toddlers and after school hours, generally 4-7.30pm, for school age children.

The majority of work takes place during the week. If you are unhappy for your child to miss school, please seriously consider your application. 

The majority of casting invites are given out at very short notice. You will usually be notified of a casting invite 24 hours before. Please consider your availability before applying. If you are unlikely to be able to attend castings at such short notice, due to work etc, please do not apply. 

We are a sole agency. We will not accept children represented by any other agent.