What is Spotlight? 


Spotlight was established in 1927 and is the UK's most popular casting directory.  It is used by thousands of casting directors, production companies and ad agencies. 

Is Spotlight compulsory?

Yes, Spotlight is a compulsory requirement when joining the agency. Therefore, all children (4 years and over) and adults must be happy to join Spotlight. 

Will my child get more work if they are on Spotlight?

As with everything in this industry, nothing is guaranteed. However, Spotlight makes up 80% of our daily briefs. It offers a lot more submission opportunities for our actors and therefore potentially castings. The industry is highly competitive and realistically, without being on Spotlight it is very difficult to secure castings. 

Many casting directors only put their briefs out on Spotlight. Therefore, actors not registered on Spotlight are unable to be suggested for these roles. 

Who can join Spotlight?


Children 4 Years and over are eligible to join Spotlight. Only children who are represented by an agency or attend theatre schools are able to join Spotlight. 



Does Spotlight charge a fee?  

Spotlight charges £103 per annum. This charge will be deducted from the cardholders account 30 days after the child's profile goes live. 


How do I sign my child up to Spotlight? 

To set up your child's Spotlight account, please call the agency on 07907262230.  

What happens after I have set up my Childs account?

After your child's account has been set up, please keep measurements, skills and credits up to date. Additional professional photos can be added to your child's profile. Your child will be submitted for every brief they fits the criteria for. It is then down to the wishes of the casting director which children they wish to invite to the casting. 

Can I see my child's submissions?

Spotlight has a fantastic feature, that allows us to download a submission history per child. Therefore, we will be able to send you a downloadable chart of all the briefs your child has been put forward for, through Spotlight.