Children under the age of 16 Years, need a licence to take part in performances. 

This licence is authorised by the child's local council. 

In order to apply for the licence, there are certain forms we must collect. 

These include:

The licence form - The client completes part 1 and the parent completes part 2. 




A School letter - authorising the child's absence in order to take part in modelling or filming work. This must be signed by the headteacher and have the school stamp

A school letter can be downloaded below:


A doctors letter - Required for international licences and occasionally for licences in the UK. The doctors letter must be signed, dated and stamped. A GP letter can be downloaded below:

The child's birth certificate - Please make sure a copy of the child's birth certificate has been supplied to the agency, at time of returning the contracts. This can then be kept in the child's file, ready for when it is needed.